MIAMI (August 23, 2010)-Melanie Ann Prapopoulos brings years of experience creating beautiful works of art from all over the world to Boulan South Beach. With a Bachelors of Arts from New York University and a Masters of Arts from the University of Indianapolis, Melanie is considered an authority in the art world emerging as a fully mature painter with a natural flair for color. Splitting her time between the United States and Greece, Melanie derives inspiration from some of the most beautiful places on earth. She has received reviews from prestigious critics in the art world, giving her well-deserved credibility as an artist. Her work has been displayed in over six countries, evoking an array of emotions on every continent. Melanie adds her own spin, innovatively carrying out ideas from earlier generations. She describes her creation method as a “trancelike state” in which she unconsciously becomes a channel for ideas and actions. This mysterious force beyond nature has said to govern various prestigious abstract artists since the 1950’s. Melanie says, “working in the abstract allows greater freedom to explore depths that reality often disallows due to the very nature of reality being something tangible – whereas the abstract is, open, free, and yields to a myriad of interpretations,” expressing her individuality and passion for abstract art. Melanie’s interests go beyond visual art and will soon pursue a PhD in world literature in order to establish connections between Harlem Renaissance and Latin American poets and painters. Awarded for her works of art in New York, Spain, and Italy, there is no better place to host such a fine selection than Boulan South Beach. This artist’s natural talents have travelled a long way to the beaches of Miami and picking the ideal location for these works of art was no simple task. Three of Prapopoulos’ works will be displayed between the elevators on the 5th floor of Boulan South Beach. The spontaneity and creative flair that her work contributes to the development will surely never turn away guests and residents from admiring. Download Boulan Press Release in pdf Format